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ALD-52 Powder

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ALD-52 Buy Powder. Store this LSD alternative in a cool and dry place. ALD-52 research chemical can last up to 2 years under proper storage conditions. ALD-52 Powder Are for research only.

ALD 52 (also known as 1-acetyl-lysergic acid diethylamide, 1A-LSD, 1-Acetyl-LSD, 1A-LSD, 1A-LAD or Orange Sunshine Acid) is an LSD analog research chemical. Because it is a homologue of 1P-LSD, it is much like LSD-25. ALD-52 is a psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class that produces LSD-like psychedelic effects when administered.

What is ALD-52

ALD-52 is a more modern drug that continues to be consolidated by several res chems associated with a delayed ALD-52 history and other ALD-52 names. Researchers buy ALD-52 online for use in the medication domain, for recreational and research purposes. ald 52 psychotropic attributions made it unchallenged among laboratory workers and subject matter experts. A large proportion of typical customers choose to buy accessible to have excitement, satisfaction, energy maintenance, increase in sexual activity.

Note to choose ald-52 manufactured through the best kinds of progress by methods for a fully controlled gathering measure. Extensive scope of ald-52 Reddit of contribution to research manufactured mixtures accessible to be purchased on a market that allows regulating the state of craftsmanship, creating a measure in the Chinese laboratories where all shower salts are made.

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